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Ressources en transformation: multimodalitat, plurilingüismo, acquisizione – seen from an interactional perspective. Una entrevista amb Lorenza Mondada

Julia Llompart Esbert


This interview with Dr. Lorenza Mondada, Professor of French language and general linguistics at the University of Basel, Switzerland, is written in four languages (French, Italian, English and Spanish). The interviewee holds a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Lausanne (1994); was awarded the 2001 National Latsis Prize (annual prize for the best researchers in Switzerland under forty), and was Director of ICAR Research Lab (CNRS, University of Lyon 2 École Nationale Supérieure) from 2007 to 2010. Her research has focused on the investigation of social interactions in various areas (scientific, medical, employment and everyday life ...) and in how grammar serves as a resource for interaction, emerging from the sequential organization. She has made groundbreaking contributions to the development of an approach which analyzes linguistic and multimodal resources for the organization of interaction. She recently won a grant from the Finland Distinguished Professor Programme in order to carry out a project with the University of Helsinki on social interaction and multimodal communication.

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