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La lectura compartida d’un àlbum sense text en una aula d'acollida

Montserrat Pérez Ventayol


The use of picturebooks with only illustrations and no text have been proven to be an extremely useful way of encouraging oral production in the target language among immigrant students. Shared reading and reconstructing the story with the aid of the illustration allows for the creation of a space that favours the elaboration of interpretative answers and discussion within the class group, at the same time that it contributes to the exchange of knowledge between classmates. The present article shows that the shared reading of a picturebook without text constitutes an excellent resource to develop communicative competence in Catalan of a group of students in a whithdrawal class, due to the fact that it promotes participation when interpreting and comprehending the picturebook. Conclusions are drawn from a study carried on in a withdrawal class of a highschool in the

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