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Evolució que el professor de música experimenta en la forma de percebre i categoritzar l’ensenyament de la llengua estrangera durant una experiència d’Aprenentatge integrat de continguts i llengua (AICLE), en anglès

Anna Corredera Capdevila, Bruno Ruiz Lorenzo


CLIL programmes (Content and Language Integrated Learning) are opening new paths for the improvement of foreign language learning because they offer students the opportunity to use the target language as an approach to new curricular content. Nonetheless, this is not an easy path. One of the biggest obstacles is the worry that content teachers have about the possible negative repercussions these programmes can have on the learning of the curricular content in their area of specialization. Starting from this point, the focus of this study is on the content professor who participated in an experimental music eduacation teaching sequence in English, carried out during one term in the 3rd level (ESO) in a a secondary school in Catalonia. The objective of this study was to reconstruct, through various interviews and working sessions with the teacher, the evolution of the perspectives and categorizations of the content teacher concerning the CLIL class, in particular in the way the students worked towards the goals of the class. Conversation analysis and complementary ethnographic data indicate a constructive change in the way the teacher categorises and assesses the CLIL programme along with a positive evolution of the organization of the activities of teahcing-learning of the content. The process of collaborative research led to a process of shared reflection about teaching practice between the foreign language specialist and music education specialist, resulting in mutual learning.

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