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Schelling's meontology and the concept of possibility in Kierkegaard

Ingrid Basso


In Kierkegaard’s treatment of the concept of reality, possibility, freedom (the not-necessity of the history) both in the Concept of Anxiety and in Philosophical Fragments is possible to make out Schelling’s meontology, that is the philosophical discourse concerning the negation of the actual being of something, but not its possibility. The article makes first a survey of the latest philosophy of Schelling, the so-called “positive philosophy” and explain its methodological meaning for the development of philosophy of Mythology and philosophy of Revelation. Its shows why Kierkegaard’s thought could have been attracted by Schelling’s Spätphilosophie and its way of treating the concepts of possibility and reality in opposition to Hegel’s “negative philosophy”, but in the end it shows why Kierkegaard could not accept even Schelling’s speculation.

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