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La línea de frontera entre “bárbaros” y “civilizados” en la Argentina del siglo XIX: el caso de la Zanja de Alsina. Una visión desde Google Earth y el aporte de los museos virtuales.

Laura Oliva Gerstner


There is no doubt about the growing importance of Google Earth as a tool for those sciences whose main objects of study are the territory and urban forms. But we think that this tool can be made extensive also to illustrate and to locate spatially historical events, whose effects have been intentionally embodied on a territory of urban or rural areas. In addition, we attended the beginning, in recent years, of virtual museums that count now on diverse documentary sources in digital format, which allows the access through Internet to resources of the local or regional historical heritage, of great importance for the investigation. Our article will focus on the implementation of these two resources to the analysis of a singular historic event of the late Nineteenth century in Argentina: the construction of the new line of borders, popularly called “Alsina’s Trench”, between 1876 and 1879.

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