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Differences based on fine motor behaviour in Parkinson’s patients compared to an age matched control group in proprioceptive and visuo-proprioceptive test conditions

Alexandre Gironell, Liudmila Liutsko, Rubén Muiños, Josep Tous


Personality differences based on fine motor precision performance were studied in early stage Parkinson’s patients and an age-matched control group under two different test conditions: Proprioceptive + visual information and proprioceptive information alone. A comparative data analysis for deviations of three measured movement types (transversal, frontal and sagittal) was done for both hands (dominant and non-dominant) with relation to personality di-mensions. There were found significant differences between the two groups in decision making dimension and emotionality. After splitting the data for gender subgroups, some significant differences were found for men but not for women. The differences in fine motor task performance varied, being better in some directions for the Parkinson’s patients and worse in others. The findings may suggest that medication has both positive and negative effects on motor per-formance and provoke personality changes, being more pronounced in men.

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