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Estudi químic de la dinàmica de les aigües litorals del delta del Millars a l'estiu del 1989

Guillermo Monrós, V. L. Oliver, J. Carda, M.A. Tena


The results obtained by analyzing different chemical parameters in samples of litoral waters picked up in a systematic way along the summer of 1989, at the north of river Millars delta («Pinar» beach in Castelló de la Plana) and at the south(«Grau» of Borriana), are presented in this work.
As a result of a didactid experiment in environmental education in the field of chemistry, the contents in total solids, chlorides, pH, conductivity, hardness, nitrates and other factors in the waters are determined here, which alows us to give data about the evolution of the quantity of the waters all along the summer, and its climatic and litoral ocurrences in the studied time.

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