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Remarques a l'edició de dues traduccions de Martí de Viciana

Tomàs Martínez Romero


The recent edition of Martí de Viciana's translations of Aristotle's Econòmica and De moribus, attributed to Seneca, finds here some remarks that complete the information given by A. Ferrando and J. Riera, editors of both books.
About the Econòmica, the confusion in the authorship, the mediocrity of the copyst and the misogynism -not exeptional for that time and that society- are noted.
As far as De moribus is concerned, this is the last of Seneca's translations (of which an exact chronology is done) in the Middle Ages, but editor's reasons to prove that the translation is due to Martí de Viciana could be disputable.

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