Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

El bilingüisme segons Aracil

Joan Garí


The purpose of this work is to pick up and to analize in a systematic way the main lines of public thought of Lluís V. Aracil, ex-president of the International Association of Sociolinguistics.
From concepts that this author has introduced or has elaborated in the area of Catalan sociolinguistics (as, for example, «linguistic conflict», «linguistic normalization» or «minorization»), in «Bilingualism according to Aracil» rends evident the perspicacity and originality of Dir la realitat's['Telling reality'] author and, at the same time, the full use -in the area of Catalan language- of plenty of his early intuitions in such a discussed theme as bilingualism.

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