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La Obra científica de Ramón Ortiz Fornaguera (1916-1974): Un capítulo de la física matemática, teórica y nuclear en la dictadura franquista

Pablo Soler Ferrán


The scientific work of Ramón Ortiz Fornaguera (1916-1974): A chapter
of Mathematical, Theoretical and Nuclear Physics during the Franco Dictatorship
in Spain
This paper provides a biographical account of the Spanish physicist and mathematician Ramón Ortiz Fornaguera (1916-1974), who developed most of hiscareer in the Junta de Energía Nuclear. Since 1946 he published papers in theoretical physics, a field which was virtually nonexistent in Spain. Ortiz was considered in those years one of the most capable mathematical physicists in Spain. His promising beginnings were not consolidated into a research career in this discipline, but later he received international acknowledgment in the field of nuclear reactor calculation. Ortizs scientific career data has been obtained from several archives primarily from his personal one, which includes correspondence with scientists quite relevant in their times.

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