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El Primer viatge de l'enginyer portuguès Nery Delgado a Espanya (1872) i l'establiment de relacions entre els Serveis Geològics Ibèrics

Jesús Ignasi Català Gorgues


During the XIXth century, geology shows a process of internationalisation.
The elaboration of geological maps, centred in national scopes, nevertheless demanded
the collaboration between organisms of different states. The relation between
the geological surveys of Portugal and Spain began in 1872 with the trip of the Portuguese
engineer and geologist Nery Delgado to Madrid. Delgado met with the people
in charge of the Geological Map of Spain and with other members of the group of
Spanish geologists, and gathered interesting data in the Spanish collections for the
elucidation of some stratigraphical and paleontological problems that appeared in
their country.

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