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Pere Felip Monlau i els epidemiòlegs i higienistes italians

Francesc Bujosa i Homar, Joan March i Noguera


In the Biblioteca Balear located in the monastery of Santa Maria de la Real of
Palma de Mallorca we find the library of Pere Felip Monlau (1808-1871), his manuscripts
as personals as professionals, so as all the correspondence received. Between the books
of the library and the correspondence we find the publications and letters of more
important Italians hygienists contemporary of Monlau. Letters of Pietro Betti (1784-1863),
Angelo Bo (1801-1874), Agostino Cappello (1784-1858), Giuseppe Carbonaro (1800-
1858), Issaco Galligo (1822-1869), Paolo Mantegazza (1831-1910), Giovani Battista
Massone (1817-1864) and Salvatore de Renzi (1800-1872). Monlau knew them when he
went to the International Sanitary Conference of Paris (1851-1852). The result of this relations
were enhanced the publications of all they as so the your practices applications.

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