Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Els Orígens de la casa Santiveri : Jaime Santiveri i la Lliga Vegetariana de Catalunya (Barcelona, 1908)

M. Pilar Lara Garcés


At the beginning of xxth century, it was founded in Barcelona La Lliga
Vegetariana de Catalunya. This association was consisted for distinguished members
of the Catalonian society, like doctors, manufacturers, bankers, industrial managers,
businesses. All they were vegetarians and they were in favour of the medicine
naturist practices. They often travelled by Europe and they knew the basics of the Vegetarianism
movement in other countries and the prestigious sanatoriums in the
north of Europe. The main objective of the association was spread the movement in
Catalonian. The association organized different activities, one of them, the publication
of Revista Vegetariana. Jaime Santiveri was the administrator of this magazine
and he was the official dealer for Kneipp products in Spain from Farmacia Kneipp in

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