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Els Codis tècnics de càlcul d'estructures metàl·liques a l'Estat espanyol al segle XX i el seu context històric

Josep M. Pons Poblet, Lluís Torres


The consequences associated to the potential accidents derived from collapse
of structures or facilities throughout the time, have caused that the official organisms
have developed specific codes to which the environment associated to that
technology has had to adapt.
Although it is evident that one of the fundamental purposes of these developed
codes has been to guarantee the security of the people and the goods, we can not be
conscious enough that usually they are bound to the socioeconomic environment and
also to the historical context.
In this article the case of the technical codes for structural design in Spain during
XXth century will be exposed. Initially they were closely related to the railway industry,
followed by the adaptation to the iron constraints at the conclusion of the Spanish Civil
War and ending with the publication of Eurocodes, as a result of the European integration.

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