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La Configuración de la paleontología humana y The Descent of Man de Darwin

Francisco Pelayo


The Beginnings of the Configuration of Human Palaeontology and Darwins The Descent
of Man

The discovery of Neanderthal human bone remains in 1856, together with
the publication of Darwins On the Origin of Species in 1859 and The Descent of
Man in 1871 were two relevant facts that intensified the discussion on the origin of humans.
The emergence of the Paleoanthropology as a new scientific discipline was a result of the complex interactions of social and cultural factors and the influence of new
scientific orientations in the field of Palaeontology, such as uniformitarian Geology and
the theory of evolution. However, in the anatomical study of human fossils there still
persisted traditions of research different from the transformist framework coming from
history and linguistics.

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