Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Juan Bautista Juanini (1636-1691) i Joan d'Alòs i Serradora (1617-1695)

Jesús V. Cobo Gómez


Our work show a typical scientific relatioship in the last years of the XVIIth
century, inside the renovation movement in the science and medicine of these
years. The actors of these relationship were the hispanic-italian doctor-surgeon
Giovanni Battista Giovannini (or, in spanish, «Juan Bautista Juanini», Milan 1636 -
Madrid 1691) and the catalan doctor and university lecturer Joan dAlòs i Serradora
(Moià 1617 - Barcelona 1695). Both live and work in these years intelectually
close and became part of the european scientific movement called usually «the
Moderns» group, or, in our countries, called «Novatores». Both are friends and developed
a personal and scientifc relationship for years. The article show the epistolar
manifestation of these relationship and the possible implications for the science
and the medicine of the era in Spain and Catalonia.

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