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La Lluita per la llibertat i la justícia a través del cinema

Eduard Josep Chifré i Petit


Several films have based their plots in themes related to the fight for freedom
and justice. In this piece of work I would like to comment some of the films based
on these topics, emphasizing the didactic chances to be taught in academic activities.
The films I have chosen are the following: The great dictator (1940), The grapes of the
wrath (1940), Inherit theWind (1960), Spartacus (1960), Companys, judgement in Catalonia
(1979), Gandhi, (1983), Guilty by suspiction (1991), Beyond Rangoon, (1995),
Salvador Allende (2004) and Goodbye Bafana (2007). Such films offer us an excellent
didactic support to be used, always obeying the current legislation, to show the fight
for freedomand justice that human beings had carried out through the centuries to live
in a better world.

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