Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Meteoròlegs amb cara i ulls: exposició de meteoròlegs catalans de tots els temps

Jordi Mazon Bueso


The Catalan meteorology has contributed in an important way to the international
development of this science along the history. Some of the studious
Catalan scientists of the atmosphere are very known, like Eduard Fontserè, but other,
in spite of the important developed task they have remained, for diverse motives,
forgotten, or do not know themselves well. Introducing the contribution and
the figure of the main meteorologists of our country it has been the main goal of the
Associació Catalana dObservadors Meteorològics (ACOM) to promote in year
2006 the recovery and divulging of these characters, while carrying out some
small sculptures of theirs bust, making expensive to this scientists.

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