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Els Processos de bruixes com a font per a la meteorologia històrica: dades meteorològiques als processos de l'Arxiu i Biblioteca Episcopal de Vic

Anna Jiménez, Rafel Ginebra i Molins


The scarcity or lack of systematic information about meteorology for the
centuries covering the Middle Ages means that all meteorological information provided
by other historical sources are useful and relevant. There are many sources that
have been analysed from this point of view, but in this study we introduce a source
that has been ignored until now. It is the trials and, specifically, those trials against
supposed witches, focusing our study on all the documents of this type conserved in
the Episcopal Archive and Library of Vic. The necessary concision that the communication
provides does not enable us to make a detailed analysis of each reference or
eachmeteorological fact recorded, but the essential factor is precisely to compile the
references so that they can be taken into account and studied in depth in later work.

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