Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Ezequiel Calbet i la mesura de l'eclipsi de 1842

Francesc Xavier Barca i Salom


On 8 July 1842 an eclipse of Sun was observed in Catalonia. Since this
eclipse, European scientists have postulated that the protuberances that surrounded
themoon formed part of the Sun. The astronomer Francis Baily travelled to Pavia
and the mathematician Llorenç Presas was sent by the University of Barcelona
to join François Arago in Perpignan to observe this eclipse. Despite the fact that
the Sun was not completely covered in Barcelona, Ezequiel Calbet, professor of
the Nautical School, made an observation from the roof of the building housing the
Catalan Board of Commerce. This paper presents the results of this eclipse and
also those of the eclipses of the moon in 1844 and in 1848. These activities provide
evidence that nautical astronomy contributed decisively to the development of
astronomy in Catalonia.

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