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Reflexions sobre Francesc Eiximenis: crític social, moralista, predicador, reformador o framenor senzill i devot?

Jill R. (Jill Rosemary) Webster


Friar Francesc Eiximenis, one of the most prolific 14th century Franciscan writers whose comments on a variety of contemporary questions from the papal schism to the decadence of certain social institutions have led him to be labelled a moralist and reformer and one of the early members of the Franciscan reform movement. In the present study we examine the various aspects of his life: devout Franciscan, preacher, social critic, and his desire to please his patrons especially the members of the royal family, even when it meant contradicting statements he had made previously in order to please them. His encyclopaedic knowledge of the works of theologians, philosophers and contemporary writers is undisputed, but his understanding of their import is sometimes questionable. It has been suggested that he supported the Franciscan reform movement, but it might be more appropriate to consider him a simple friar preoccupied with the social problems of his day rather than an innovator.

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