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Mercaderes, protagonistas del comercio exterior de Barcelona en la Baja Edad Media: una visión de las comandas marítimas (1349-1450)

Gloria Polonio


Trade was one of the most dynamic and innovative engines of medieval society of the late middle Ages. Their study allows us to know not only the movement of goods, currency and knowledge, but also the experiences and relationships of its protagonists.
Maritime commands are one of the most interesting sources available to us to study social and economic history because we can obtain not only quantitative information on trade, export and import products, currency exchange rates and exchange routes and ports, but also important information on the protagonists of these exchanges their crafts, backgrounds, family relationships, lineages, associations, relationships,
We focus first on the figure of the merchant in Barcelona in the Middle Ages, specifically we have studied the sea between the years 1349-1450, so that we see how these merchants were key fi gures in the foreign trade of Barcelona.

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