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El sonido de la guerra: las trompas de la fortaleza medieval de Ausa (Zaldibia, Gipuzkoa)

José Ignacio Padilla Lapuente, M. Karen Álvaro Rueda


During the fieldwork in the medieval fortification of Ausa (Gipuzkoa), a vast amount of sherds from several pottery artifacts featured by a cylindrical body has been
found out. They presumably had the same function in contexts dated from the first half of xiv century. Although it has not been possible to reconstruct any of these artefacts, the study of the sherds allows us to think that they would have formed some sort of big-sized
horn. This high-sounding instrument, which has been frequently reproduced in iconographic references, does not have at this moment any direct parallelism in Hispanic
contexts, despite being plentiful of references to similar objects in medieval ranges from Provence and Languedoc. By introducing these artefacts from different approaches, we aim to go over the scarce knowledge of these instruments, whose evidence lets us to believe in their widespread distribution all over the landscape in several material contexts from Medieval Ages.

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