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Campanas góticas en Castilla y León. Un patrimonio sonoro

José Ignacio Palacios Sanz


Bells are some instruments manufactured in bronze and tin that they occupy towers and bulrushes of the bell towers from the Middle Ages. In this job he prepares a first inventory of the Gothic bells that go, those from about. 1200 to about. 1580 in the community of Castile and León. We have taken a census of 109 pieces, to depart of 55 that we catalogued at the province of Soria, although many more are the ones that have gone up to us. The job is complex and requires the help of a complementary team. They characterize the Gothic bells for their profile, epigraphy and decoration. Some of the
most singular pieces at churches castellano-leonesas and hermitages find at the cathedrals Spanish language themselves. The study completes with the continuous itinerary the foundry workers, the acoustics of the bells and the touches of bronzes itself.

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