Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Les confraries de lliberts negres a la Corona Catalanoaragonesa

Antoni Albacete i Gascón


Medieval societies were divided into several units where individuals were fit to join. The working scope with guilds, marriage, implying the formation of a family, or spiritual
brotherhoods related to the working associations, or with a more general assistance purpose, were the areas where men and women fitted in to join the society. The freed slaves who did not return to their lands of origin were to join Barcelona’s society through these units. Two examples of the integration process through religious brotherhoods, were those that freed black people of Barcelona and Valencia created to facilitate the practice of their devotion. After comparing the texts of the ordinances of both guilds, it was easy to see how such institutions were organized, with the particularity that these were mostly built by former slaves from both cities.

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