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«Magni baroni certo e regi quasi». I Malaspina fra Lunigiana, Lucca e Sardegna**

Alessandro Soddu


«This paper analyzes the politics of the Marquesses Malaspina between Lunigiana, Lucca and Sardinia in the first half of the 14th century. After the formation of a strong territorial lordship in the island about the castles of Bosa and Osilo, initially of the year 1300 the designs of expansion of the Malaspina had to face analogous those of Sassari’s Comune: a situation on which without a doubt it weighed the perspective of the arrival imminent in Sardinia of the king of Aragon. In this case Lucca’s role, as a mediator and backer of the marquises, is often decisive in Lunigiana that in Sardinia, especially as a bridge with the Crown of Aragon».

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