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Notes sobre la vida carmelitana de Vic al segle XV

Jill R. (Jill Rosemary) Webster


This short article’s main aim is to reproduce the licence granted to the Carmelites in Vic at the time of the establishment of their new building in 1418. It emphasizes the importance of the Carmelite mission in Vic and refers to the chapel of the Esperança where they began to acquire popularity and economic support to proceed with a more permanent convent. The licence itself, transcribed in the appendix, mentions the people present in 1406 when Pere Prixana hands over the chapel to the Carmelites, and details the clauses agreed to by the friars and the bishop of Vic. It lays out the conditions under which they can preach, hold services, conduct funerals and carry out their apostolate which are similar to those observed by the Friars Minor in Vic.

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