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El despoblado altomedieval de Cuyacabras (Burgos): Realidad, principios y argumentos

José Ignacio Padilla Lapuente, Karen A. Rueda


The archaeological site of Cuyacabras (Quintanar de la Sierra, Burgos) is one of main early medieval reference settlements in Upper Arlanza basin lands and it attracts a great amount of visitors. The monumental featured half-caved church and the necropolis consisting of several burials dug into the rock present around the whole area are material evidences of an ancient hill town which has remained uninhabited from middle XIIIth century. New fieldworks on this whole site, excavated during the sixties, have been focused on improving the scientific impact of the site and setting up to date the records and information entries for the necropolis. All obtained data emphasize the weakness of several principles used to put in value the settlement, and they also suggest a revision of several-year-old discussions on one hand, and on the other one, they encourage scholars to propound new up to date theories which will fi t better with our knowledge’s current context.

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