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Iglesia y Monarquía en la Edad Media tardía: Conflictos y semejanzas

Sophia Menache


The relationship of the medieval Church and monarchies has usually been studied in terms of confl icts or struggles, rather than of cooperation and/or mutual influences. This article focuses precisely on this last neglected approach, in both the ideological and the institutional spheres. Our analysis centres in the Kingdom of France. The choice is amply justifi ed in view of its primordial role in Church history. The research touches on two main processes, namely the conflict between Philip the Fair and Pope Boniface VIII at the turn of the thirteenth century, and the emergence of consultative assemblies in both Capetian/Valois France and in the Church, which in the latter case culminated in the Conciliar Movement in the fi fteenth century. This article shows with outmost clarity that the “meeting points” between ecclesiastical and secular history offer new perspectives of analysis that call for further research.

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