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Los intereses económicos de la reina María, esposa de Alfonso el Magnánimo, en el Reino de Castilla

Máximo Diago Hernando


Queen Maria, wife to Alfonso “El Magnánimo”, king of Aragon, received a very rich dowry of 200.000 “doblas” when she married his cousin. And in addition to that dowry, her brother, king John II of Castile, promised to pay her a vital rent of 400.000 mrs. every year. In this article, the author pays attention to the diffi culties this queen faced when she had to collect these sums of money, and to transfer them from the Crown of Castile to the Crown of Aragon. In this way he contributes to the analysis of the political and fi nancial relationships between these two kingdoms during the fi fteenth century, when the same dinasty ruled in both of them. And, in the second place, he also provides some pieces of evidence to prove that, as a result of the lack of resources this queen could dispose of in the kingdoms she governed on behalf of her husband, she depended, in order to attend her expenses, on the aides she received from the Castilian Royal Treasury, in spite of the difficulties she faced to collect them.

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