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La memòria de Blanca d'Anjou i Jaume II en la lluita pel control de l'Hospital de la Font del Perelló (1308-1443)

Gerard Marí i Brull


This article examines the continued presence of the memory of the queen Blanca d’Anjou and her husband, king James II, through the historical evolution of the Hospital of Perelló (near Tortosa). It was founded by a bequest in the will of Blanca (in 1308) and built and endowed by her husband James II (between 1310 and 1312). The memory of both monarchs was used to legitimize the rights of several Institutions who claimed the right of patronage in the following years (XIVth and XVth centuries): the Kings of the Crown of Aragon, the Masters of the two Orders of St. James of Altopascio, Pope Benedict XIII and the monastery of Santes Creus.

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