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Humildad, término, concepto y representación medieval

Juan José Oliva Gallardo


The greco-roman religion gave great importance to the personification of the common virtues and of the human qualities. In the form of feminine fi gures were represented virtues like Abundance, Health, Pietas and Virtus with a great entourage of moral and ethnics attributes. Christianity, which in so many aspects was the heir of the grecianroman traditions, moved by pedagogic and catechetical motives, did not took long to give human form to the christian virtues and to personify them in its symbols. The author of this article examines and presents the symbol of the virtue of humility in the religious medieval art, inserting with an scholarly and thoroughly study of the origin and evolution of the idea of the christian humility, starting from the origins of the hebrew and classical culture until its defi nite last form in the patristic époque.

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