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La regulación de la elección de los cargos municipales en un espacio señorial: Elx, 1444

José Vicente Cabezuelo Pliego


From the beginning of the 15th century important political changes took place in the different towns and villages which belonged to the Orihuela government. These changes were going to modify the public administration posts provision that had been ruled in this land since 1308, after its final linking to the Valencian Kingdom and the putting into effect of the Kingdom normative system. Such changes were related to an attempt to finish the violence present in the towns and villages, in many occasions transformed in real street battles among different bands to take the political control of the urban areas. The aim of this article is to analyse the reform put in practise in the town of Elx in 1444, made with this purpose, which allowed the Christian people an easier possibility of acceding to the city administration posts, that had been in hands of a small group of noble families so far.

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