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La documentació en pergamí dels fons patrimonial dels Martí d'Ardenya

Montserrat Sanmartí


The aim of this article is to make knowing around, the content of the patrimonial archive of the family Martí d’Ardenya, which is formed by 183 parchments, many bundles made of documents on paper, main books, books of account , some herbariums, and the other documentation. This patrimonial content is located in the town hall of Altafulla. The study analyses the parchments regarded from different points of view: the dates -the oldest one is from 1335 and the most modern one from 1668-, the documental typology, the formation of the archive trying to explain the origin of the main part of the documents, relating them with the families who contributed to the enlargement of the house -the Valls from Ardenya, the Franquès from Altafulla, Cossidor, Alies, etc-. The article also includes the possible justification of the lack of many of the parchments, the prayers or notaries who validated the texts, the toponomy, etc. At the end, the schema is referred to the main books : they are registered and the diverse information that they provide is annotated. Both the documentation on parchment and the one written on paper have been principally used for the study of this family but also for some others from the hinterland of Tarragona (Camp de Tarragona).”

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