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La Edad Media en los mitos y leyendas de la historiografía vasca

Ernesto García Fernández


It is general opinion that for a better understanding of the problems which historians would be facing along the 21st Century it is essential a serious survey of the works and opinions of those who dealt with them before us. History, as a science, has not been properly or methodological developed till recent years. Intellectuals or researchers without none or very poor historiographic background have been publishing books that they have tried to pass as faithful and reliable historical books. History has been often used to back up political or ideological opinions. It is not unusual that those authors paid little attention to the veracity of their statements among other reasons because they considered history as a literary gender where fables and fantasy were well received. But these approaches are superannuated today thanks to the efforts made by the Spanish universities on the field of historical research. This essay deals precisely with some of the clichés and myths of the Medieval Ages in the Basque Country

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