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El comerç d'articles agropecuaris entre Catalunya i els districtes pirinencs del regne de Mallorca durant la primera meitat del segle XIV

Antoni Riera i Melis


In 1276, the counties of Rosselló and Cerdanya, in accordance with the will and testament of Jaume I seceded from the Catalan-Aragonese Crown to become part of the Kingdom of Majorca. The new frontier separated the summer pasture grounds from the winter ones, and gave rise to numerous problems in the system of seasonal migration wich had connected the plains of Catalunya Nova with the higlands of the Pyrenees for more than hundred years. In spite of sporadics incidents, cereals and small livestock continued to flow from Segrià, Segarra and Urgell towards Perpinyà anf Puigcerdà, whereas wool travelled in the opposite direction. These exports enabled the gouvernment and the main Catalan cities to interfere in internal politics of small and disperse Kingdom of Majorca.

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