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El regnat dels últims anys de Jaume II de Mallorca (1298-1311): iniciatives de la monarquia en el comer( i la indústria local

Luis Tudela Villalonga


King James II of Majorca started some economical reforms at the beginning of the 14th century in order to increase richness and make the kingdom stronger in front of other much more powerful Meditarranean Countries. From 1300 onwards, he took some initiatives as for the Balearic industry and commerce that had quite different results. Whereas his attempt to modernize local industry, specially the textile one, was an absolute failure, he achieved an improvement in the Mallorcan middle class businesses thanks to an agreement of preference, specially with the North-african markets. However, some powers like the Catalan-Aragonese Confederation limited the Mallorcan king’s economical reforms when their interests clashed.

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