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"De l'esperit a la matèria": Catalans en terra castellana a l'Alta Edat Mitjana

Josep M. Salrach


The article examine the relationships between Catalonia and Castile during the Early Middle Age. The first section is devoted to the IX and X century, when the contacts were not much and incidentals. The second is dedicated to the XI century, when the contacts were very frequents. They are mainly relationships of religious character, partly motivated by the attraction that exercises the peregrination to Santiago. During the XII century a remarkable change takes place: the political and economic interests prevail, and some members of the Catalan nobility settle down in the Kingdom of Leon and Castile where they develop their military and political career, and they obtain positions, lands and rents. At the same time, the Castilian kings and the Catalan counts they ally against the Muslims of Al-Andalus.

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