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Baixem de les tarimes i connectem: Recerca en Història Medieval i innovació docent

Universitat de Barcelona Grup de Recerca (Contra Taedium)


We would like to introduce our group of research, [CONTRA TAEDIUM], created by professionals from different fields, that have contributed in this article. Our purpose is to expose our reflections based on our own experiences, not only in research, but also in teaching. We propose new forms of writing history in order to understand the dairy life of the women and men of the past, from birth to death. We would like to point out that interacting all types of sources is essential to understand our history. But, what really makes sense is to bring our students in the historical methodology and involve them in their education. Moreover, it is necessary to design new teaching materials using the new technologies, although it requires team-work and a great, but satisfying, effort.

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