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Signos, sellos y firmas de las reinas de Aragón

Rafael Conde y Delgado de Molina


This article studies the elements of validation used by the queens of Crown of Aragón from Petronila to Germana de Foix, with special emphasis in the “signum” and the autographical signature. They have own “signum” Sancha of Castile, wife of Alfonso I-II the Troubadour; Leonor of Castile and Violante of Hungary, spouses of Jaime I; Leonor of Sicily and Sibila of Fortià, spouses of Pedro III-IV the Ceremonious; Violante of Bar, wife of Juan I, and Maria of Luna, wife of Martin the Human. With respect to the autographical signatures, we have those of Violante of Bar, Maria of Luna, Maria of Castile, wife of Alfonso IV-V the Magnanimous, and Germana of Foix, second wife of Fernando II the Catholic. The seals, all of them gathered by Sagarra, are known.

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