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Las cartas reales de la Cancillería de Aragón en el Archivo de Estado de Cagliari (1398-1501)

Agustín F. Valle Pantojo


In this article, within the field of Paleography and Diplomatics, we introduce an approximation to a kind of chancellery documents called “Cartas Reales” and the differents kinds of them, specifically those coming from the resources found nowadays in the State Archives of Cagliari, in Sardinia (Italy), in a period of time from the end of the XIV century to the dawnings of the XVI century, i. e., from the Chancellery of the King Martin the Human to the Chancellery of Ferdinand the Catholic. We have to point out that the situation of writing and kinds of documents in the Crown of Aragon is different to that of the Crown of Castille, Aragon being more receptive to European cultural tendencies due to a series of facts which will be analysed next.

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