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Más notas sobre el "Tumbo Viejo" de Lugo

José Ignacio Fernández de Viana y Vieites


The aim of this paper is to take up again the study of the oldest “tumbo” of the cathedral of Lugo, carried out around 1234, in the time of Bishop Don Miguel, which Barrau-Dihigo had already tackled in 1905 correcting some dates of the documents copied in it, and bringing to light others already published, updating them and getting them ready for a future publication according to the latest trends. It should be also noted that since 1993, in which the proceedings of a round-table conference was published about the cartularies, until the most recent articles in 2002, the tendency has changed and now there is an attempt to strike a balance between the seemingly contradictory perspectives of the philologists and the historians.

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