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L'escola hagiogràfica de Llandaff

Gloria Torres


This paper studies the existence of a group of hagiographers who were working for the diocese of Glamorgan during the twelfth century to give propagandistic basis for the new episcopal see, the ancient “clas” of Llandaff, under the bishop Urban (1104-1134). These hagiographers wrote charters and saint’s lives in order to demonstrate the antiquity of the see and its rank of metropolitan see of all south Wales. All their fabulations are in the Llandaff Cartulary, the Liber Landauensis (ca. 1134-1150).
We know two of these hagiographers, Geoffrey Stephen (Vita Sancti Teliaui) and Caradog of Llancarfan (Vita Sancti Cadoci and Vita Gildae) but the majority of them are anonymous, i.e. the authors of the Liber Landauensis and of some saint’s lives for churches in the diocese of Glamorgan (or related to it): saint Illtud, saint Gwynllyw, saint Tatheus and saint Cyngar. All these clerks describe saint Dyfrig just like it concerned the interests of the see. The great majority of the texts are characterized by using a little group of rethorical figures, mainly paronomasia and poliptoton, and of common themes.

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