Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Unes cartes de dones del segle XV, notes sobre la crisi feudal

Teresa-Maria Vinyoles i Vidal


Our work deals with the contents of some letters received form Sança Ximenis de Fox i de Cabrera and some of her rough drafts and copies of letters sent by her and now kept in the Archive of Barcelona Cathedral. Their contents has undoubtedly disclosed to us her behaviour and state of mind during the feudal crisis she had to endure and more specifically during her stay in the Osor Valley (Girona). Most of these letters make reference to an incident that took place in a country house in the course of the Catalonia country corkers uprising of 15th century. From their contents, it may be clearly seen the damage caused to the system, on which base the daily life was supported, by way of the existing fragmented vision of authorities, the resistance offered by feudal lords, the violence resorted against their representatives, the ambushes laid by crossbowmen which fact forced the country people to take up arms and the attempts on the family institution. In the meantime, the punishing right, the direct liability and the dominium utile were in the hands of women.

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