Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

La imatge de la dona a la iconografia medieval

Imma Ollich i Castanyer, Maria Ocaña i Subirana


Mediaeval documents reflect the image of mediaeval woman in a special way, generally in relationship with men, as daughter of, wife of, widow of... There are few many women that act by herselves in a patriarcal society. This paper wants to give a look on the mediaeval woman through another way: the iconographical images. Miniatures, pictures, sculptures, altarpieces, engraving, inscriptions, drawings, show us how were mediaeval women, how they were dressed, how they worked and how they lived. We can see two kinds of woma’n image, the sacred one with virgins, martyrs and roman and gothic mother-of-god’s; and the profane image, that presents not only ladies and gentlewomen but marginal women as jews and witches. But, above all, there are workers, women that work as peasants, as craftswomen, and that make all kind of jobs beside men.

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