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La immunitat d'un grup privilegiat: els estudiants de l'Estudi General de Lleida (1336-1379)

Josefa Mutgé Vives


This article deals with de Estudi General de Lleida, the first of the Universities of the Crown of Aragon, founded by James II in 1300. The aim of the paper is to study the extremely privileged situation enjoyed by the students. The result of this situation was that, very frequently, they were assaulted by the citizens and inhabitants of Lleida. These attacks caused the intervention of the royal officers, so knowledge of the facts reached the king’s household. Some of the violent events that happened during the reigns of Alphonse el Benigno and Peter el Ceremonioso are described in this paper and are based on records from the Arxiu de la Corona d’Aragó. The punishment of this delinquence against the students belonged to the king, because the Estudi General was under his protection.

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