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Historiografia catalana al temps de Pere II i Alfons II (1276-1291). Edició i estudi de textos inèdits: 1. Crònica del rey Pere

Stefano Maria Cingolani


This contribution is the first release of a series of studies dedicated to the edition of unknon historiographical texts and to the analysis of historical traditions in medieval Catalonia. The aim of the paper is twofold: first, to call scholar attention on medieval catalan historiography, most neglected during the last fifty years; and second, to edit the fragments of an unknown chronicle, that I propose to attribute to Galceran de Tous, monk at Santes Creus, trustworthy man of the king Peter II of Aragon and possibly an eyewitness, written about 1285 that, in his preserved section, relates part of the Sicilians Vespers war and the french invasion of Catalonia. The work is most interesting because its relating facts unknown to most historians, expecially catalans, and to be a source of Ramon Muntaner’s Chronicle.

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