Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

La delimitació del sector meridional de la frontera entre la Corona Catalanoaragonesa i el Regne de Castella (1151-1305)

Antoni Riera i Melis


The boundary between Castile and the Catalan-Aragonese Crown took shape as the feudal reconquest of al-Andalus proceeded in the central period of the Middle Ages with the Christian forces in a position of evident superiority. The course of this expansion was negotiated in a series of treaties, each of which faithfully reflected the realtive strength of the two states at the time of their signing. The first of these treaties, signed in 1151, was that of Tudellén, under whose terms Ramon Berenguer IV was granted the rights to the conquest of the Muslim lands of Valencia and Murcia, territories that he would nontheless administer in vassalage to Alfonso VII. The final treatry in this series was the Treatry of Elche, signed in 1305, wich granted Jaime II of Aragon the right to incoporate the territories betwen Biar, La Vila Joiosa and Oriola within the realm of Valencia, without any restrictions of soveranity.

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