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Manifestacions i evolució de la rivalitat entre Gènova i la Corona d'Aragó a la Granada del segle XV, un reflex de les transformacions de la penetració mercantil

Roser Salicrú i Lluch


Among piratical incidents occurred between Genoese and Catalano-Aragonese people during the first half of the fifteenth century, we particularly notice those that took place in the Nasrid sultanate of Granada.Those incidents show an evolution in the authorities’s attitude and behaviour towards them. In Granada, all piratical attacks were committed by Genoese, as Nasrid officials tolerated Genoese abuses and did not promote repairing them. But with the passage of time which corresponds with a larger Catalano-Aragonese commercial presence in Granada and with changes in Iberian political balance, Granada started to try to respect equity and to defend Catalano-Aragonese victims’s rights. Therefore, manifestations of Catalano-Genoese clash could also reveal the internal transformations of the mercantile realities inside the sultanate.

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