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Flix, un port fluvial blader per a Barcelona. La compra de la Baronia de Flix i La Palma l'any 1400

Maria Teresa Ferrer i Mallol


During the last years of the 14th century, the government of Barcelona was worried about the wheat supply of the city. Two areas that usually furnished Barcelona -Sardinia and Sicily- did not export already, because of the war. By this reason, the Aragonese and Castilian wheat, which came down along the river Ebro, under control of Tortosa, became more important. By then, the Santcliment family, from Lleida, due to her downfall, had to sell the barony of Flix and La Palma, which was acquired by Barcelona. Thanks to this acquisition, Barcelona made secured the wheat control coming down the river Ebro, because Flix was situated just in the riverbank up from Tortosa.

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